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Samsung One UI 5.0 Top 5 New Features

OneUI 5

I know a lot of you are probably using a Samsung phone and enjoying those one UI features. so you’ll be excited or maybe a little disappointed to hear that details for the android 13 one UI 5 have started to leak and while there’s still a lot of time left for things to change. The changes I’ve seen so far are pretty minor. So let’s find out the Samsung OneUI 5.0 Top 5 New Features.

OneUI 5 Notifications

The first big new change is the notifications and it’s not even that exciting and that instantly tells me. That one ui5 might not end up being as huge of an update as we expected it to be but i could be wrong and i hope i am so the change is that the notifications have a subtly different layout in fact it looks a little like stock android in a way and that’s going to be a theme in the changes that were spotted so far with the new layout app icons for the notifications are set inside a circle with text for the notification offset to the side on one ui4 app icons were sort of the size of the text itself and stuck right next to it.

with the text for the notification then wrapped around beneath the icon if this looks familiar that’s because it’s pretty much how notifications look on the pixel there’s a really strong resemblance even the notification settings then clear button down at the bottom have a pill-shaped background sort of like a pixel i’m not saying that it’s exactly like google software but samsung is clearly leaning in that direction a little when it comes to notifications and a few other things in one ui five.

OneUI 5 Permission Dialog

when you open up an app for the first time and it needs you to use your location for something you know how it asks you before it gets it or how it has to get your okay to read from storage before it can see your photos the technical term for that screen that comes up asking if you want to let the app do its thing is called a permission dialog and those are changing in one UI five as well in the leaked one UI five beta Samsung’s own permissions dialog which sits at the bottom of the screen for easier one-handed access have been replaced with google’s own permission dialog.

Again looking a little more like stock android if you’ve seen what the requests look like on a pixel then you get the idea these new dialogues are bigger centered in the middle of the screen and have a larger colored background for the individual options you can tap on it might be that Samsung decided with these changes that it was just easier to stick with how stock android looks but it could also be that Samsung has it finished designing how the new permissions dialogs will look in its own system and this could go away in a future update.

OneUI 5 Text Recognition

Do you know how google lens and iPhones can take the text in a photo and turn it into something you can copy and paste sounds like building that right into one ui5 as well the gallery app in one ui5 is able to scan images with the new button you’ll see at the bottom of the screen when it recognizes some with it your phone can analyze text and turn it into something you can use on your phone copying and pasting it into another app which should work just like an iPhone.

You could already do this before in a bunch of different ways with Bixby vision but now it’s built right into the gallery Samsung’s keyboard app on one ui5 can do the same thing too sort of like how you can do it on the iPhone that means when you want to scan text from your camera like a menu or a poster or something you can tap the option point your camera and copy text right off it.

OneUI 5 Security

Android 13 is bringing a new unified security and privacy section for pixels and samsung is picking up what google is putting down it looks a little different but the one ui 5 beta shows a new section with the same name within its settings like on pixels you’ll get a big easily spotted warning if something is wrong up at the top or a big green looks good if things are okay and a button you can tap on to do a scan for things that might be wrong with your phone on pixels that then gives you specific actions for things to do if it spots something wrong but it’s not really clear how that might look or work on one ui five yet

OneUI 5 Gesture

one ui5 is also adding two new gestures for triggering multitasking features making it faster and easier to access multiple apps at once one of the new gestures adds a two-finger swipe from the bottom of the screen to change to a split screen view based on the picture the setting shows it sounds like it will move the current app up at the top half of the screen and give you the option to open a new one on the bottom in split screen view sort of like apple’s flex drop.

But instead of a floating window Samsung is opening the app on a split screen on top of that there’s a new corner gesture with it you can swipe in from a corner to make the current app change to a pop-up view where the app sits in its own sort of window so if you want to have an even more custom map layout to do something specific that’s just a swipe and a few taps too.

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